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Asis Automation

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Tank Automation System

The system that manages all functions inside the storage tanks. Detecting the current tank inventory, tank fillings, and tank alarms, it controls the in-tank movements. Ideal for filling stations with suitable infrastructure for cabling.

Mobile Container Automation System

Akaria Backoffice & Market Automation

Central Management System

A web-based system management platform that enables management of all filling stations centrally, without any limitations in terms of the number of filling stations, users, number of customers/vehicles, etc. a platform with functions far beyond merely transmitting data to the center.

Central Alarm System

Asis’ technological service allowing taking simultaneous action by way of displaying the alarms that may be generated in case of failures in the automation systems, such as hardware, software, data type problems, etc. at the alarm center


Statistical Inventory Reconciliation-SIR