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TOSTOB is a new generation mobile application for sellers and buyers to do trade in between themselves. TOSTOB, bringing “TO Sell” and “TO Buy” together, visions to be a GLOBAL BRAND.

TOSTOB promises absolutely no visual pollution, but quality and attraction through its unique “laws of use”, ease of use through new technology i.e. swipe screen, fun of use as a result of new age front end user experience screens and uniqueness with its set of rules for sellers and buyers

TOSTOB mission is defined as a solution provider for urgent need of cash no matter how valuable and how durable is their belonging; a new generation market platform for experienced online sellers and technophiles and a new source of fun and socialization through its high tech entertaining features and messaging options.

Brand: Branding, Strategy, Marketing

Developmet: UI, UX, Backend, Frontend

Platform: Ios, Android, Web

now lets blink when a world of fun

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